You Have a Pet, Which Flooring Option is the Best for Your House?

Which Flooring Option Is Best for Pet Owners?

You Have a Pet, Which Flooring Option is the Best for Your House?

One of the most common questions we receive revolves around our furry friends. What type of flooring is best for my pet? There’s no hiding it – pets can seriously wreak havoc on new floors. If you’re looking to redecorate your home, replacing old flooring can often make the difference in freshening your space. As a pet owner, ensuring your new flooring lasts the longest first involves choosing the proper flooring and then maintaining your floors.

When choosing a pet-friendly floor for your home, we like to remind our clients of a few considerations. The best pet-friendly floors are durable, waterproof, stain-resistant, and are ideally cost-effective. Focusing on just one of these aspects can lead to surprises down the road. Keep these considerations in mind when deciding on your new floor.


For years, tile has been a favorite among pet owners. Tile is very durable, lasts for decades, and can add a lot of value to your home. As every pet owner knows, accidents and spills can occur seemingly daily. Ceramic and porcelain are among the most popular styles due to their high water resistance.

Tile also provides ample grip for our pets to help them avoid slipping or sliding. If you’re considering tile flooring for your home, consider pairing it with stain-resistant grout to make cleaning a breeze. To see the different types of tile we have available, click here.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl has improved in technology in recent years and is more realistic and durable than ever before. Luxury Vinyl is more moisture sensitive than tile but still offers many of the same benefits. Spills and accidents are easier to clean up on Luxury Vinyl than tile, thanks to the absence of grout. As with most types of flooring, it’s crucial to clean up spills and accidents as quickly as possible to avoid any staining or damage to your floors.

With an abundance of sizes and patterns, Luxury Vinyl gives plenty of options for pet owners. To see the different types of Luxury Vinyl available, see our options here


As we move down this list, the flooring choices become less and less ideal for pets. Laminate flooring can be a terrific option for homeowners; however, a few additional considerations should be taken when installing laminate floors in a home with pets.

Laminate is installed similarly to Luxury Vinyl, in a floating style. Laminate offers a much more realistic wood look and feel than Vinyl options while remaining cheaper than traditional wood floors. 

The main concern with laminate is its water resistance. While laminate has a water-resistant top layer, most laminate can’t withstand sitting water for very long and will soak into the boards eventually. To see the different types of Laminate we have available, click here.

Floors to avoid

When it comes to pet-friendly flooring, our goal is to make your flooring the most comfortable for your pet, easiest for you to maintain, and remain beautiful for years to come. Unfortunately, some types of flooring are notoriously difficult to have with pets. You’ve probably guessed it at this point, but we’re talking about carpet and solid hardwood. Carpet and hardwood both absorb moisture and can stain immediately. Both types are more susceptible to nails and claws. While carpet and hardwood are not the top choices for pet-proof homes, you may still love to style and can’t part! Scratch-resistant wood finishes and water-repellent carpets are available for those that can’t part with hardwood or carpet.

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