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Renovating Your Home? Here are Six Types of Flooring Options to Consider

Six types of Flooring Options to Consider When Renovating Your Home

In 2020, over seventy percent of homeowners renovated their homes. With the shift toward remote work and lockdown mandates, many homeowners found more time on their hands. Kitchens, outdoor spaces, bathrooms, and of course, home offices made up for a majority of home projects. Maybe you’re looking to redesign your home but don’t know where the best place to start. Today, we’re looking at our favorite flooring trends across four of the most common architectural and interior design styles; contemporary, modern, farmhouse, and retro.

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Contemporary/Modern Flooring

Contemporary spaces are all about what’s most popular right now. This everchanging style looks to the past for inspiration but adds a unique twist. Contemporary styles are still predominately influenced by the twentieth-century modern artistic and philosophical era. Contemporary styles often feature pops of color utilizing metal materials like copper, steel, or chrome. This style allows more room for creativity and freedom than most modern spaces.

Modern styles emphasize simplicity, often resulting in a clean, sleek space. Modern homes were born from the minimalistic twentieth-century movement, where the rejection of ornamental architecture was common. Open floor plans, clean lines, and high functionality all characterize modernism.

Wood Flooring

Modern and contemporary homes have a wide range of wood finishes and stains. With both styles, the emphasis is on bringing natural, raw-looking materials into the space. Wider planks are also popular among modern home designs. Wide planks have fewer seams, which can help create that minimalistic look.

Carpet Flooring

As with modern and contemporary vinyl and laminate flooring, carpets that are neutral in color and utilize natural materials are among the most popular. Most rugs or carpets in these styles will feature a shorter pile or fiber height. If you love the modern or contemporary aesthetic but still value warm floors and cozier spaces, carpet or area rugs may be a perfect choice.Our team has several different stain resistant options that we would recommend from known brands like Shaw

Farmhouse Flooring

Mainly characterized by wood, neutral colors, and natural-looking finishes, farmhouse styles pay homage to a simpler time in history. Not even 200 years ago, ninety percent of the population lived on farms. Farmhouse-styled homes remember those simple, charming times. Our floors back then, as today, had to withstand the elements and therefore needed to be durable to last for years.

With Farmhouse styles, you’ll find floors that highlight the natural grain and colors of the wood. Hardwood floors are perhaps one of the most sought-after features during the home buying process. However, not everyone has the budget for hardwood floors or might have pets that could easily damage hardwoods. For those seeking an alternative, Engineered hardwood, Laminate, and Luxury Vinyl Plank can all create that beautiful farmhouse vibe in your home. Go all-natural with your stain to help highlight the grain, or pair it with a light grey stain to create a more modern farmhouse feel.

Retro-Style Flooring

Retro styles are styles that take you back in time. Each retro-styled home can be vastly different, depending on your style. Often confused with vintage, retro tries to imitate a specific era in time, taking furniture, decor, and flooring from that era. Vintage styles feature furniture and materials that are actually aged, like original hardwood floors or antique furniture. Retro styles allow anyone to add their personality to a space.

As you’ll find, retro styles often feature pops of color, with an embrace of bold patterns and textures. Rugs with bright patterns and colors or multi-colored carpet tiles can help create a funky backdrop for rooms. Many retro spaces also feature checkered, mosaic, or polka-dot tiling. Bringing in accent furniture and decor from the era truly help pull retro styles together.

Tile Flooring

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Tile flooring is an obvious pick for fans of modern or contemporary homes. In modern homes, larger tiles and smaller grout lines help create cleaner, simpler spaces. Tiles come in numerous natural-looking colors giving fans of either style plenty of options.

Whether you’re planning on revamping your home’s style or just looking to update your flooring, we have plenty of options for central Florida homeowners. Click here to take a look at our catalog.

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