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How to prepare your home for the day of your flooring installation

Learn our top 9 tips for preparing for flooring installation 

Purchasing new flooring for your home is exciting—you’ve likely wanted to make the investment for a long time or it’s a part of a bigger renovation project for your home.

We know that it can also be an overwhelming project to take on, but that’s why it’s essential to spend time preparing for your flooring installation before installation day.

Properly preparing for flooring installation will ensure that you are setting up the installation crew for success and that your new flooring will be as beautiful as it can be.

Continue reading to learn the best steps to take to prepare your home for the day of your new flooring installation!

#1: Ensure all other remodeling is complete.

If you’re installing new floors in your home, you’re likely planning to complete other home renovation projects as well.

While it may seem like a minor first step, it’s important to be sure that all other remodeling projects are done before the day of your flooring installation—including repairs and painting. Installing new floors should be the last step in your home renovation.  

#2: Complete any door adjustments beforehand. 

If you’ve never had new floors installed in your home, it’s important to understand that new flooring can result in a rise in floor height which often requires adjustments to your doors, baseboards, or trim.

For example, hardwood flooring usually results in a significant rise in floor level, so you need to remove baseboards and trim and have the doors shaved so they are still able to open with the new floor height.

You can check with your flooring installers to see if your doors will need to be adjusted and by how much. If the doors do need adjustments, you will need to make prior arrangements with a door cutter to shave the doors before your flooring installers arrive to put in your new floors. 

#3: Create a designated work zone.

Most flooring installers will need a designated workspace to prepare and store materials outside of the area where the new floors are being installed. It’s best if you choose and clear out the workspace before the day of your flooring installation to ensure seamless work and less downtime.

If you have room, you can designate your garage as the work area, but an empty driveway makes a great work zone too. Your installers will just need an area big enough to resize materials and keep their tools outside of the new floor’s space.

Bonus tip: Be sure any obstacles between the work zone and the new flooring space that could make your installer’s path more difficult or dangerous are temporarily removed. 

#4: Clear the area.

Once the logistical preparations are complete, you need to focus on properly preparing the area where your new floors will be installed.

In preparing for flooring installation, it’s essential to:

  • Remove all items from the floors and walls
  • Disconnect all appliances and electronics
  • Make prior arrangements to move all furniture including sizeable items such as pool tables, grand pianos, and exercise equipment
  • Empty water beds of water 
  • Clean existing floors of lingering allergens, and 
  • Cover other items throughout your house that you want to ensure remain unharmed and clean.

The bottom line is that the room you’re getting new floors installed needs to be completely emptied of its content—from curtains and picture frames to beds and aquariums. Most flooring installers will not remove items for you, and if they do, they may charge an additional fee. 

Bonus tip: Don’t forget the closets! Be sure to clean your closets out alongside the rest of the room, so you aren’t left with the task on installation day. 

#5: Ventilate with fresh air.

While ventilating with fresh air may seem like a minor step, it’s important to be prepared for what to expect on installation day as best you can.

It’s recommended that you keep the installation area well ventilated with fresh air during the installation and for at least 72 hours thereafter. Be prepared to open your windows, turn on fans, and bring in additional heavy duty fans if desired. 

#6: Keep children and pets safe.

It’s important for the flooring installation area and work zone to be free of children and pets. Flooring installations require heavy duty materials and tools, so it’s best for your little ones and furry friends to stay safely out of the way.

If there’s not a safe space in your home, be sure to arrange childcare and pet-sitters as needed for the day (or days) of your flooring installation.  

#7: Block out your calendar.

Many flooring installers will request that you’re available at your home on the day of your flooring installation especially since arrival times may vary.

It’s essential that you’re home to let the installers inside to show them their work zone and the area where the new floors will be installed in your home. There are usually questions for the homeowners that arise as the installers are working, so it’s best for you to be there to answer them as needed. 

#8: Communicate with your installers.

The best way to have a successful flooring installation is to communicate openly with your flooring installers. 

If you have any questions or requests, be sure to let them know once they arrive at your house before beginning the install. Remember that your installers are the experts, so don’t hesitate to ask questions before, during, and after your new floors are in!

#9: Be prepared for the unexpected. 

While it’s important to closely follow all of these steps, being prepared for the unexpected may be the most important step you can take in preparing for flooring installation.

Every project is unique, so you should anticipate making additional preparations in your home once the installers have begun the installation process. It’s especially common for the full extent of sub-floor conditions to not be visible or mentioned at the time of your estimate, so they may require additional prep once the installation starts.

Preparation is key!

If you want a seamless, successful flooring installation, it’s essential to follow these steps to prepare as effectively as possible. Regardless of the type of flooring, these tips will ensure your space is optimized for installation by your flooring company.

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